Anetræ for familien Krogsgaard og mange mange flere

Hans Pet. Hertzberg was born about 1767. He married Catharina Maria Becker.


Catharina Maria Becker [Parents] was born about 1758. She married Hans Pet. Hertzberg.


They had the following children:

  F i Ingeborg Dorothea Hertzberg was born about 1796. She died on 18 May 1872.
  M ii Hans Peter Hertzberg was born about 1795.
  F iii Maria Christina Hertzbergs was born about 1793.

Morten Andersen Rafsted was born about 1752 in København. He died in 1821 in København. He married Malene Gregersdatter. Morten was employed as Borer ved Holmen.

Malene Gregersdatter died about 1821. She married Morten Andersen Rafsted.

They had the following children:

  F i Frederikke Benedicte Mortensdatter Andersen Rafsted was born on 6 Aug 1790. She died on 23 Dec 1862.

Wilhelm Zachariæ.Wilhelm married Louise Frederikke, Grevinde af Dannemand.

Louise Frederikke, Grevinde af Dannemand [Parents] was born on 16 Apr 1812. She died in 1888. She married Wilhelm Zachariæ.

Other marriages:
Zachariae, Vilhelm


Niels Rasmusen [Parents] was born on 17 Dec 1955 in Marvede. He married Nina Råe Hansen.

Nina Råe Hansen.Nina married Niels Rasmusen.

Knud Krogsgaard [Parents] was born on 30 Jan 1938. He married Justa Clemmensen.

Justa Clemmensen.Justa married Knud Krogsgaard.

Jens Pedersen [Parents].Jens married Kiersten Andersdatter.


Kiersten Andersdatter.Kiersten married Jens Pedersen.


They had the following children:

  F i Karen Jensdatter was born in 1754. She died in Nov 1811.

Friedrich Franz I, Hertug af Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

He had the following children:

  F i Charlotte Frederikke, Prinzessin zu Mecklenburg-Schwerin was born on 4 Dec 1784. She died on 13 Jul 1848.

Tage Bergstrøm.Tage married Karen Krogsgaard.

Karen Krogsgaard [Parents] was born on 23 May 1939. She married Tage Bergstrøm.

Gotthilf Ludewig Køppen was born about 1790. He died about 1855. He married Caroline Juliane Rasmussen. Gotthilf was employed as Grosserer, Mægler.

Caroline Juliane Rasmussen was born about 1795. She died about 1850. She married Gotthilf Ludewig Køppen. Caroline was employed as Tjenestepige.

Knud Rasmussen [Parents] was born in 1757 in Hårslev, Fyn, Odense amt . He died on 15 Jun 1825 in Tamdrup, Øsby sogn. He was buried on 19 Jun 1825 in Øsby. He married Karen Petersdatter on 12 Nov 1814.

Other marriages:
Lauesdatter, Karen


Karen Petersdatter.Karen married Knud Rasmussen on 12 Nov 1814.

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